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Kingdoms of Middle earth.
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LotRO News
Welcome to The Defenders website

“The Defenders” were formed after our other kin “Warriors of Liberty” was disbanded on a less happy moment. The other kin was almost rank 10, but because our kin house chests were robbed Stevidas/Steven, decided to disband and finish his leadership. With some wise words from his lady “Hemtee” (me), he started this new kin.

With most of our old kin members and soon with many more we continued our journey until tragedy hit our lotro family. As most of you know Steven A. Yates/ Stevidas passed away unexpectedly and the kin could have fallen apart by the lack of responsibility of the second in command, but the kin survived. After voting, I was chosen to lead this wonderful group. We are now rank 10+ and we continue Steven’s legacy.

We are known and respected by the lotro community, and a day doesn’t go by that we don’t mention Steven and with some sadness and a few laughs that his memory brings, we prevail and we are getting stronger every day.

I couldn’t do all this without the help of my kinnies, the great people that have stayed by me through all this and have given me a reason to continue living and fighting to make “The Defenders” a great, respectful, fun kin.

To those who stood by me and helped me tremendously when I needed the most, I want to give my heartfelt thank you. Your support meant and continue to mean more then you can imagine.

Maria (Hemtee)

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